A tale of three new moms going back to work.

“So, how is it like being a new mom?”

When you ask this question to a new mother, you might hear short replies like, “It’s great!” or “It’s been amazing!”. Meanwhile, there are probably at least a dozen thoughts crossing through her brain. Most likely, many scattered emotions are going on for someone who has just brought a new life into the world.

The Motherhood journey is indeed a rollercoaster ride. Thus, in celebration of Indonesia’s Mother’s Day that takes place every 22 December, I had the opportunity to talk with 3 Nakama who have recently become new mothers. …

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Devy Pranowo, AVP of Customer Excellence at Tokopedia

“Working in Tokopedia is my most career-defining moment.”

The above statement is something that I remembered the most from the 1-hour interview with Devy Pranowo, AVP of Customer Excellence Tokopedia. As we spoke about her career journey, her perspective on the tech industry, and her hopes for the future of women in tech, there are many things that I learned from her that I truly want to share with aspiring tech practitioners.

At Tokopedia, we believe in the support and celebration of our female tech talents, as one of the keys to achieving our success. Therefore, I was eager to hear her story as a female tech Nakama, who is leading the way in her field, and also as one of the longest standing Nakama with more than 6 years of experience in Tokopedia. …

The journey of 3 Nakama from 3 generations to democratize commerce through technology.

Thus far, 2020 has been a year like no other in our lifetime. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread to nearly every continent in the world. Since then, the situation has changed drastically.

Life for some is at a standstill, while for us here at Tokopedia, we have been striving to become a solution for all Indonesians in this era of new normal, while continuing to help restore the nation’s economy and maximize the country’s recovery process from the pandemic.

Unlike Tokopedia’s birthday celebrations in the previous years, we celebrate our birthday this year while following the government’s call to conduct all our activities from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week on 17 August 2020, Tokopedia finished the Tokopedia Play Festival event, which was held to celebrate Tokopedia’s 11th anniversary that coincided with the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. …

How having two contrasting professions helps our Social Media Specialist in her journey of self-discovery.

Firda Abdi, Tokopedia Social Media (KOL) Specialist, was only a sophomore in college when she took her first yoga class. At that time, she had recently gotten herself a gym membership and decided to try out some of the classes. While yoga wasn’t the first thing that came to her mind, she tried it anyway, and just played along when the instructor uttered some yoga phrases she had never heard of.

She winged her way through the whole class, and realized that there’s a whole lot more about this than just a mere physical exercise. For her, it was a spiritual awakening that connects her mind and body. …

How Tokopedia Senior Data Engineer found her calling in Tokopedia.

At Tokopedia, we believe that first and foremost data should be applicable and accessible to anyone in the company wanting to make better decisions. We therefore constantly look for the right people that will help us democratize the data, and for that, we’re thankful to have Tokopedia Senior Data Engineer Yunita Ekawati here with us.

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Yunita Ekawati, Tokopedia Senior Data Engineer

With utmost love for game development since her teenage days, Yunita has always believed that she would dive deep in the technology industry. It was this passion that brought her to continue her study for a Master’s Degree in South Korea in order to be able to create a bigger impact, where her life began to be filled with sleepless nights of doing research and everything that revolves around papers. …

Our Test Engineering Manager got something to say about it.

What do you do when there’s a profoundly pessimistic voice inside your head that’s actively discouraging you from trying? Unquestionably, worrisome thoughts about our capabilities are often tightly kept within ourselves. Those thoughts could potentially lead to the compromise of our desires and aspirations — and at times, that could be fatal.

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Elvira Simanjaya, Tokopedia Test Engineering Manager

Tokopedia Test Engineering Manager Elvira Simanjaya, however, would argue that self-doubt plays a role in paving her road to achieving big things. Having studied Information Technology at the RMIT University, 16 years-old Elvira back then was fazed by the seemingly male-dominated major.

Although the tech world today is full of talented and bright individuals, there is still a lot of talk being made about diversity of gender. Back then, Information Technology was indeed an unpopular choice for women to pick for education, and working in the digital industry was not really an option either. Different and outnumbered, Elvira wasn’t entirely sure with her decision. …

How Tokopedia strives to change the way the world is powered.

It is predicted that in the next 30 years, Indonesia will face a severe energy crisis.

A report released by Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) has shown the decreasing availability of fossil energy in Indonesia. The report highlighted that Indonesia has been a net importer of oil fuels since 2004, projected to become a net importer of natural gas and energy in 2032, and also expected to become a net importer of coal in 2038.

According to the report, the occurrence of net energy importer indicates that the country is vulnerable to energy crisis. It also indicates that any disruption in energy imports will result in the lack of domestic energy supply. …

Simple act of kindness that brings meaningful impact.

The holy month of Ramadan has finally come to an end. All month long, it was a period where everyone is rallying to give back and lend their support. It is also a month of mercy, where we are implored to treat those around us with love and kindness in a hope to get spiritual comfort in this peaceful time.

In light of these, Tokopedia’s Top Donasi has made its return to invite more and more people join a beautiful act of kindness during Ramadan. Top Donasi is a donation platform for every purchase in Tokopedia, where consumers can voluntarily set aside Rp. …

Unleashing opportunities in a world full of limits.

It has been said that the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself. All the time, we all have what we think of as our limits — be it degrees or competence we believe we cannot go beyond or skills we cannot master. This kind of mindset often set a gap towards something that we have our eyes on, and ultimately convinces us to quit when things get too challenging.

However, that is not the case for the two great figures that we welcome on Tokopedia’s Socio Talk. With “Unleashing Opportunities” as our very first topics, we discussed on how these two figures expelled that myths and prove everyone wrong. …

How excellent customer experience makes Tokopedia stands out amongst the crowd.

When was the last time you experienced a top-notch customer service?

Customer service experience could either be a hit or miss — one that would determine whether you will stick around for a long time or find another brand. As the forefront representation of the company, customer service is essential in relaying the company’s values to the customers, embedding them with strengths over the others.

Moreover, customer service also plays a prominent role in ensuring that all customers are protected and that their rights are being exercised. …


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